The life of a working mother is busy, and in the case of Leah Starich, when your personal and professional roles as wife, mother and occupational therapist all revolve around helping others, every day is a fast-paced balance of meaningful hard work.

Leah’s day begins early, heading into the office around 7 a.m. An occupational therapist with an adult long-term care facility, Southern Wisconsin Center, she manages a daily caseload of patient care meetings. It’s a career she loves because it allows her to help others be more independent. At the end of the day, she heads home to her two sons and husband, NSM ATP Jon Starich. Her busy day continues with cooking, cleaning, helping the boys with their homework and ending the evening with bedtime stories.

Married for 13 years, Jon and Leah share a passion for helping others obtain independence. With an 11-year career in assistive technology, Jon has many of his own inspiring stories of providing his clients independence through mobility, including watching his brother-in-law with ALS drive a power wheelchair for the first time.  Leah personally understands Jon’s love of his career too, knowing first hand the independence that comes with mobility since receiving her first chair at the age of four due to a congenital cyst she had at birth. Understanding one another and sharing a passionate commitment to serve others, Leah and Jon project positivity. Leah’s motto is, “work hard, play hard,” and when time allows she loves to read, play the piano, watch movies, camp, snowmobile and ride ATVs with Jon and their boys.


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